Reason vs Feelings

This seems pretty illogical to me. And maybe this is one thing people should learn about: feelings should never override our reason. Often so on the course of once human life one may come across a regretful decision or a conscientious resolution to certain things. Those are the times that we succumbed to the feelings that we contain. Biologically speaking, our Amygdala, the mental faculty in our brain that concerns with the emotion, is apparently way smaller than the Frontal Lobe of the Cerebrum, which is responsible for our reasoning. Following that line, it is extremely odd for a species with that cerebral design to rather act on an illogical basis.

People should learn about how to suppress feelings and how they, on all deluding circumstances, should be able to maintain that certain sense of reason in every aspect of their decisions. I am not suggesting a reprimand for humans to have feelings, rather it could be taken as a sympathetic weep for humanity as people continue to regress on the evolutionary tree when humans have had smaller brains. I hope this serves as a wake-up call to the rather sleeping logical part of the human race. 


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