It’s just that, I’ve always pictured it with you staying even through my worst possible attitude. I’ve always imagined you staying beside me when I can no longer put up with the things in my head. You see I want you to be there. To stay. Even through the hardest of times. Because I need you. And even when everything is in a blur, I want you to be the only clear image I come in sight. And you walked away. You ran away from me. And I just found it hard to come to grasp the sight of you walking away from me. You walked away. You left me. You so much believed that avoiding conflicts is the only way to the point that you’d rather leave me than face the conflict. It sucks you know. I could handle myself cooling down for a while and then talk things with you. But you leaving me behind, avoiding the things that clearly needed talking, that’s just despicable. It got me thinking that succeeding that scenario, I can’t expect you to be there for me through my lowest times. I admit I had my share of faults, but it’s just mean to walk away from the things you hurt and have them ride the guilt-trip just because they value you more than anything, literally anything. It hurts. It burns. It sucks as if I could feel my insides gaping and my breathing catches up one another.